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Bob Marshall  Wilderness Camping Hiking and Fishing


Our pack trips operate in traditional mountain packing style: clients and staff ride horseback and all gear and food is packed classically with canvas manties on mules. While helpful, no prior equine experience is necessary. All trips begin and end at one of the many trailheads surrounding the Bob. 

Clients often meet us at the trip departure point trailhead. If needed, we can provide shuttle service, rate based on logistics and distance traveled. We offer roving trips, which means that once in the Bob, we travel to and camp at a different location every few days. This offers the greatest opportunity to see and explore new places, as opposed to staying in one camp or area the entire trip. You'll be sure to see wildlife, a wide variety of native vegetation, and diverse topography along the way.Camping at base of Chinese Wall


Once in camp, living accommodations consist of Eureka camping tents and a solar shower. Non-travel days involve day excursions for fishing, hiking, photography, and riding. Or you can even just relax in camp.


We offer meals that are hearty and healthy and also accommodate any special dietary needs of our guests. We use a combination of stovetop, campfire and other cooking methods with resourceful preparation. Best described as hearty, healthy backcountry dishes.

A typical day will go something like this: wake up to roasted, cowboy style coffee. After you’ve savored your morning Joe around the camp fire or off in your own serene spot, get your morning energy with any number of delightful breakfasts. Given we often eat along the trail, healthy sack lunches are provided for convenience. At the end of the day, enjoy a well prepared dinner around the campfire and share stories about your experiences and plan for tomorrow's activities.Pack Trip



World Class Fly Fishing

Imagine a secluded paradise of crystal clear water where fish rise willingly to a well-presented fly and fight like fish twice their size, where hatches are in a seemingly never-ending cycle. Be able to fish for the elusive bull trout, a threatened species that can only be fished on a handful of rivers in the lower 48, with the Bob's South Fork of the Flathead River being one of them. Step back in time to an ecosystem harboring watersheds nearly untouched by man, still alive and healthy, bursting with aquatic and insect life, and experience fly fishing the way it was meant to be.


As many of the iconic fisheries of the West receive more and more pressure every year, the angler's challenge is ever increasing as he/she scours the country for remote, high quality fishing opportunities. As with other popular public fishing destinations and opportunities like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier, or rivers such as the Gallatin, Madison, or Snake, the Bob Marshall Wilderness and its fisheries are a rare gem.


Experience true world class fly fishing on the South and Middle Forks of the Flathead River, the North, South, and Middle Forks of the Sun River, the White River, and Danaher and Youngs Creeks, along with their tributaries and a host of smaller creeks and streams. Have the opportunity to catch native Westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout (season dependent), rainbow trout, brook trout, and grayling.


By any fisherman's standards, the watersheds of the Bob offer some of the last secluded and inaccessible fly fishing opportunities in the lower 48


Summer Trips Consist of  Camping, Hiking, and Fishing.

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