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Bob Marshall  Wilderness Guided Hunting Trips

Local Hunts in the late season in the Blackfoot Area




Hunting Areas & Camp Accommodations


"There are those whose chief purpose in visiting the forests is simply an escape from civilization. These people want to rest from the endless chain of mechanization and artificiality which bounds their lives. In the forest they temporarily abandon a routine to which they cannot become wholly reconciled, and return to that nature in which hundreds of generations of their ancestors were reared."


– Bob Marshall




We have three hunting camp sites availabe for Montana Bob Marshall guided hunting trips.  One in the Bob Marshall proper and two in the Scapegoat Wilderness area. All are positioned along elk and deer migration paths – with the Sun River Game Preserve and Sun River Wildlife Management Area to the northeast and the Blackfoot Clearwater Wildlife Management Area to the southwest, animals migrate east and south through our hunting areas across the Bob to their safe haven winter grounds.


Our hunting camps are located in hunting areas 150 and 280





Danaher Camp

Our Danaher Camp lies at the southern end of the Bob in the South Fork of the Flathead River drainage. Twenty miles from the North Fork trailhead, the Danaher Camp is situated in the lush Danaher Meadows, a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains all shy of 9,000 feet. Our camp is situated near Danaher Creek, a headwater of the South Fork of the Flathead River. This superb region – with its many water sources, timbered mountains, and open meadows – makes for prime elk and deer habitat. Topo maps for this area are Danaher and Flint Mountain.





Cooney Creek Camp

Our Cooney Creek Camp is located in the center of the Scapegoat Wilderness and sits at the headwaters of the North Fork of the Blackfoot River, 14 miles from the North Fork trailhead at 6,000 feet. With four major creeks conjoining here to the form the Blackfoot River and 10 canyons converging on all sides, this camp is situated in a beautiful and productive hunting area. Topo maps for this area are Scapegoat Mountain and Olson Peak.



Deer Park Camp

Our Deer Park Camp is situated northeast of the junction of the North Fork of the Blackfoot River and the Dry Fork in the Scapegoat Wilderness. At an elevation of about 5,000 feet and only nine miles from the North Fork trailhead, Deer Park is used for our drop camp hunts. The topo map for this area is Lake Mountain.



Camp Amenities

Each camp has a central kitchen and dining tent, three client tents, and four staff tents. We sleep two or three hunters per tent, allowing for ample space. All tents have floors, wood-burning stoves and propane lamps, and brand new extra large cots with sleeping pads, side pocket organizers, and cot trees for hanging coats and clothes. There is a shower tent with a floor and wood-burning stove. Large propane lights, combined with the warmth of the large pot-bellied stove, create an uncluttered and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy your early morning and late evening meals. We provide the same hearty, healthy meals for our hunts that we do for our summer pack trips. Ride into a fully lit camp at night with appetizers on the dinner table and a hot pot of coffee on the stove.


We typically like to book no more than three archery hunters and six rifle hunters per camp, per week. This allows for a comfortable group size.


Please keep in mind that strong physical aptitude is a must in order to successfully complete these wilderness hunts. Physical conditioning prior to a hunt is critical. Hunters should expect to negotiate steep mountainsides, deep canyons, and cover upwards of a dozen miles or more in a day.



Murphy History trip Aug 1-10 2018 with old pictures and stories. 100th year anniversary of Joe Murphy as an outfitter at his cabin site. Leisure with the Legends. Also we are offering a 5 day China Wall Trip. Cost is $325 per person per day, so book early (30% deposit to book) July 24-July 28


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