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Murphy's WTR Outfitters, LLC           Bob Marshall Wilderness - Camping - Hunting - Fishing - Horseback Riding-Outfitting

Our Philosophy





Mission Statement


WTR Outfitters is committed to providing its clients with first-class service and accommodations in a pristine setting, pursuing sport and recreation while imparting environmental ethics, appreciation, and awareness for a high quality wilderness experience.




WTR Outfitters is committed to providing the public with the highest quality services while assisting agencies and others with stewardship of wilderness resources.



Core Competencies

  • Expansive Range of Operation
    • Access to the entire Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex during the summer season
    • Access to prime elk and deer migration areas during the fall season
  • Devoted & Knowledgeable Guides
  • Education & Awareness Focused
  • Hearty, healthy backcountry meals


  • Abstract

We believe deeply in what we do, and it’s the passion behind our services that drives us to bring you a wonderful and memorable trip.


More than just taking people into the mountains, we hope to be part of a process that introduces or renews awareness of the sustainability of our natural world. We view outfitters as not merely vehicles to the outdoors and good hunting areas, but as stewards of the science and spirituality of the natural world. We believe that public awareness is one of the most effective tools to protect and preserve our natural lands and promote their inherent value. It is our hope that when people are exposed first-hand to the amazing wild places we have around us, that those places will spark a deep sense of wonder and amazement and illuminate the interconnectedness of our collective actions, over time, on these sacred lands.


The Bob Marshall Wilderness is a true gem that offers the best of our nation’s wild places. Whatever the motivation for your journey, we are excited to have you along.


For the Hunter


As with anything rewarding in life, there are two parts to the sweetness of the reward: the challenge of the journey, and the end result. While there’s nothing more thrilling for a hunter than to harvest a trophy at the end of a grueling hunt, we also believe in the time honored tradition which values the journey of the hunt itself: man in his primitive setting appreciating and respecting the land and wildlife around him.


As naturalists and hunters, we live for the pursuit of animals in their natural habitat. It is our absolute passion to seek out the deepest, darkest, most unexpected corners and crevices in which elk and deer live – and revel in the challenging journey that gets you to them. Far from the distractions of civilization, the wilderness offers fair chase hunting at its best. Whether you come away from a hunt with a trophy animal or the experience of a lifetime, we will have succeeded.


Murphy History trip Aug 1-10 2018 with old pictures and stories. 100th year anniversary of Joe Murphy as an outfitter at his cabin site. Leisure with the Legends. Also we are offering a 5 day China Wall Trip. Cost is $325 per person per day, so book early (30% deposit to book) July 24-July 28


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