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Murphy's WTR Outfitters, LLC           Bob Marshall Wilderness - Camping - Hunting - Fishing - Horseback Riding-Outfitting

We are the offcial Bob Marshall  Wilderness Outfitting Legends.

The Murphy name is synonumus with wilderness outfitting and has been for  generations.                                                                    Ted's grandfather , Joe Murphy , led guests deep into the Bob Marshall Wilderness long before it was designated as such. He delighted in sharing this wonderful expanse of free land with others who may  never have the chance to do so otherwise. Joe also blazed trails throughout this magnificent area that are still in use today. Murphy Flats, at the confluence of White River and the Southfork of the Flathead, is named for Joe.

   Joe and his three sons outfitted for over forty years running before tragic circumstances necessitated selling of the business.

    Today, Ted - together with his wife Lynne- have once again, the opportunity to offer guided trips into the great Bob Marshall Wilderness. Having grown up outfitting, Ted has experiences to share with guests and is well acquainted with the many trail , rivers , valleys and mountains in the Bob.

    Lynne enjoys working with horses and people. She takes great care in fitting the right horse to the guest to enshure an enjoyable riding experience. She also enjoys preparing the menu and food for each trip -every one a unique experience.

   Come, LEISURE WITH THE LEGENDS - Listen to the Wilderness- You'll forever be changed.


Murphy History trip Aug 1-10 2018 with old pictures and stories. 100th year anniversary of Joe Murphy as an outfitter at his cabin site. Leisure with the Legends. Also we are offering a 5 day China Wall Trip. Cost is $325 per person per day, so book early (30% deposit to book) July 24-July 28


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